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Mission Statement

Oxnard College Sports Medicine is charged with the responsibility of providing the highest possible quality medical care to the intercollegiate athletic teams at the college, in the most efficient manner possible.  This responsibility includes administering to the health and welfare of the student-athlete on a daily basis and measuring their readiness for athletic competition.  The sports medicine staff utilizes both the campus student health center as well as community medical resources and services on a daily basis. 

The sports medicine staff utilizes guidelines set forth by the CCCAA and the Western State Conference, as well as other medical associations including the American Medical Association and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.  The sports medicine staff is responsible for making critical decisions regarding medical aspects of athletic competition and communicating those decisions to various athletic department personnel and student-athletes at Oxnard College.

The Sports Medicine staff includes the certified athletic trainers, sports medicine students, team physicians, and a wide variety of medical specialists who are utilized on a referral basis.

Yoshi Shiratori MS, ATC, CSCS, CKTP, FAKTR

Yoshi Shiratori began his tenure at Oxnard College in 2010, as Head Athletic Trainer. He oversees the responsible for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of  8 collegiate sports. He joined the staff after serving three years as the Assistant Athletic Trainer at California State University, Northridge. He served as the primary athletic trainer for women’s soccer and track and field. Prior to CSUN, he served as the Assistant Athletic Trainer at Stony Brook University in New York. At Stony Brook, Shiratori served as the primary athletic trainer for women's basketball and baseball. He helped with prevention, care and rehabilitation of athletic injuries for all Seawolves athletic teams. Prior to joining Stony Brook, he served as the Assistant Athletic Trainer at Niagara University working primarily for the women's ice hockey team.

He received his bachelor's degree in English Literature from Doshisha University in Japan (1998) and in Exercise Science from State University of New York, Buffalo (2001). Shiratori completed his master's degree in Exercise Science (Exercise, Nutrition and Eating Behavior track) from George Washington in August of 2003 . While at George Washington, he was a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer serving for women's soccer, women's volleyball and men's and women's tennis, as well as performed secondary duties with men's crew and men's and women's squash. He was also a Teaching Assistant in the Athletic Training Education Program, teaching several athletic training classes. Shiratori has been a BOC certified athletic trainer since 2001. He has also been a certified strength and conditioning specialist since 2002, certified Kinesio Tape practitioner since 2009, and FAKTR certified since 2017.

Team Physician: Dr. Mark Ghilarducci (Ventura Orthopedics)

On behalf of Oxnard College,  the   Sports Medicine Staff would like to welcome you to Oxnard and to our College.   We have designed this page to provide you with the pertinent information necessary to make your trip  as easy and enjoyable as possible.  If there are any questions that are not answered in this page, feel free to contact our staff.



Gymnasium:  Athletic Training/Wellness Center  is located on the North end of the Gymnasium


1) Ice-crushed, cubed, and ice massage

2) Hydrocollator

3) Whirlpool– cold or warm– advanced notice recommended

4) Ultrasound/Electric stim- written request required if traveling without an ATC


Should your team be traveling without an athletic trainer:

1) Team should provide their own taping supplies

2) All services will be provided by our Sports Medicine Department

3) Prior notification is recommended

Event Supplies:

For your convenience, we will provide on each team bench:

1) ice water

2) ice chest with bags

3) cups or water bottles

4) bio-hazard materials

5) crutches/splints/AED-available on home bench only


It is required that all student-athletes receive and pass a physical screening prior to practice or competition.  All student-athletes new to the institution must receive an on campus screening and be cleared for participation by OC team physician(s) or from an off campus physician (MD, DO). A physical by a Chiropractor is not acceptable. A student-athlete may be recruited, but may not be granted medical clearance.  The OC team physician(s) or an off campus must clear all incoming student-athletes, regardless of recruiting status.  The purpose of the pre-season screening is to ensure the safe participation of the student-athletes as well as to reduce the risk to the department with regards to both insurance and liability.  Coaches who knowingly allow a student-athlete to participate without proper medical clearance are putting themselves, the student-athlete, and the athletics department at risk. PAPERWORK MUST BE SUBMITTED DURING BUSINESS HOURS (9:30 am-5:30 pm on Monday/Wednesday, 10 am- 6 pm on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday)



The athletic department has contracts with an independent insuring agency (Student Insurance) to provide medical coverage for student-athletes.  This coverage is an excess or secondary coverage.  Insurance provided by the student-athlete’s parents, spouse, or employer will be used as the primary coverage.  In a situation in which a student-athlete has no medical insurance through a parent, spouse, or employer, the insurance provided through the athletic department will become primary.

  • Will cover acute traumatic injuries that result from participation in practice or competition or while travelling as an official team member.  
  • Will Not cover injuries or illnesses not related to practice or competition
  • Will Not cover pre-existing injuries or overuse/chronic injuries that developed prior to becoming an official team member
  • Will Not cover injuries to teeth that are not sound and natural
  • The insurance provided by the athletic department will not cover any illness or incident not related to athletics. 


The Oxnard  College Sports Medicine Program on-campus Internship program provides students with an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience working in a hands-on environment helping provide medical services for Oxnard College Athletics.

Students working in the Athletic Training/Wellness Center will experience a variety of skills, including:

  • taping and bracing
  • stretching
  • injury evaluation
  • use of therapeutic modalities
  • supervision of therapeutic rehabilitation programs
  • on-the-field emergency injury care


Students will work closely with our staff of Certified Athletic Trainers, physicians, physical therapists and other sports medicine professionals. 

Benefits of the Sports Medicine Internship Program:

  • Professional Networking. Work side by side with doctors, orthopedic surgeons, certified athletic trainers, and other allied health professionals.
  • Sports Medicine Classes. Expand sports medicine knowledge through classes offered on campus.
  • Educational Inservices. Sessions offer more educational experiences. Topics vary to cover professional development and skill enhancement.